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Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)

Empower your own pension with an SEP. Capitalize on similar tax advantaged savings to an IRA or company retirement plan, but crafted to the nuances of self-employment and small business ownership.

Provide big company benefits while maintaining a close-knit workplace. SEPs are easy to manage and tax-deductible, for happy employees from the top down.

  • Tax-advantaged savings for retirement
  • Available to any size business, including self-employed
  • Contribute to your own retirement as well as employees
  • Contributions are tax deductible*
  • Flexible annual contributions, no locked-in percentage
  • Employer must contribute equally for all eligible employees
  • Possible tax credit for opening a new SEP plan*
  • Very low administrative costs and burden
  • Boost employee satisfaction with attractive retirement plan

*Consult a tax advisor.