Simplify your account and bookkeeping for multiple accounts. ZBAs are so easy, they practically balance themselves. Zero Balance Accounts | Richmond - Mechanicsville - Gloucester | VA | EVB

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Zero Balance Accounts

Easily manage your account balances with automatic transfers. Set up a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) to receive funds in the exact amount of total checks issued.

As checks are cashed, the various subsidiary accounts revert back to a balance of zero. So you can see all of your money, at all times in one master account, without leaving smaller sums here and there across overlooked accounts.

  • Funds transferred to Zero Balance Account match checks issued exactly
  • As checks are cashed, account balance returns to $0
  • Eliminate excess account balances
  • Facilitates easier tracking of entire company accounts
How it Works

A ZBA works as subsidiary account(s) linked to one master account. The subsidiary account(s) enables you to make deposits, write checks, process ACHs and track the activity in the account. Nightly, an automatic sweep to or from the master account settles all transactions returning the subsidiary account(s) back to a zero balance.

One master account, one view — total snapshot of your balances daily.