Maximize your revenue by putting excess funds to work overnight. Or, use a sweep account to pay down your line of credit. Sweep Services | Richmond - Mechanicsville - Gloucester | VA | EVB

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Business Cash Management


Our sweep services link to your business checking account, so you can capitalize on every last cent. Simply set a daily minimum balance for your checking account to provide enough operating cash. Then at the close of business, excess funds are swept into an account with overnight profit potential.

  • Linked to your business checking account
  • Earn interest overnight, no extra effort
  • Turn unused cash into returns on invested funds
  • Funds are swept back to the primary account as needed.
    • Excess funds stay invested; continue to grow 24/7
  • Optimizes your earning potential
  • Or, use a sweep account to pay down an open line of credit!
Line of Credit

Use a sweep account to pay down an open line of credit. Just like an investment sweep account, funds sweep to minimize your interest payments.

However, if funds are needed to cover a withdrawal, they will automatically sweep from the line to cover the obligation.


  • Pay down your line of credit to avoid interest payments
  • Automated for your convenience