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EVB has partnered with Re$ubmitIt to provide a FREE electronic check collection service to all business checking customers. This service has no set up costs, no equipment, 100% face value check collection reimbursement, and reduces the effort and resources normally required to collect bad checks.


As a business customer you are automatically enrolled in the Re$ubmitIt program. This partnership allows you to:

  • Improve Collection of NSF Checks
  • Reduce Collection Costs
  • Receive 100% face value of collected checks
  • Easy to Use
  • No Set-up Fee or Equipment

Explore more details on the Re$ubmitIt site.

Access the Re$ubmitit Online Reporting Center.


What Is Electronic Check Re-Presentment (RCK)?

RCK, or Re-presented Check Entry, is the process of converting a returned paper check into an electronic item and re-submitting it to the check writer's bank account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This proven methodology allows checks to be presented twice electronically after they have already been presented once in paper form, thereby increasing the collection opportunities for recovery.

Does RCK provide cost savings for a business?

Yes. You spend less time and resources on traditional collection methods, like phone calls and letters.

How quickly will I receive funds from the collection of my NSF checks?

100% of the face value of any check collected is deposited automatically into your bank account on a weekly basis.

Do I need to notify my customers?

Yes. You must notify customers of the Re$ubmitIt electronic check recovery policy by posting notification at the point of sale, or by including notification on invoices, work orders, etc. To request additional decals from Re$ubmitIt, e-mail

Why is Re$ubmitIt so successful?

  • Additional Submissions -The conversion of an NSF check to an electronic transaction allows two additional submissions to the check writer´s checking account, thereby increasing the opportunities for collection.
  • Electronic Prioritization - Financial institution clearing procedures typically give priority to electronic transactions, which increases collectability.
  • Timely Re-submissions - Re$ubmitIt® strategically times the submission of electronic items in anticipation of consumer funds, which greatly improves chances of collection