Popmoney is the fast, easy and safe way to pay family or friends! You can receive and pay others electronically, regardless of where they bank and all you need is their cell phone number or email address! Access this convenient service from Online or Mobile Banking.


No more stamps, finding a mailing address or waiting for postage delivery to send and receive money with family and friends! Popmoney gives you convenient access to pay other people right from your Online or Mobile Banking.

  • Send money to kids at college
  • Collect money from a group of people
  • Send e-cards for special occasions
  • Pay the babysitter or your share of the rent to a roommate
  • No need for checks, stamps or cash to pay someone.
  • No need to wait for checks in the mail or to deposit in the branch.
  • See just how easy it is to send, receive and request money with Popmoney!

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It has never been easier to pay back that IOU than to pull out your phone and send a Popmoney right from Mobile Banking.

1. Just enter your friend's name, cell phone number or email address and an optional message.

2. Select the amount to send and how fast you want it to arrive.

3. You are done!

  • "Thanks for cutting the grass"
  • "Enjoy a movie on us for the A on that exam"
  • "Here's my part of the utilities this month"

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Collecting funds from a group of people has never been easier with Popmoney. Send a request via email or text with a requested amount and deadlines for payment, even send reminders automatically! The recipient has clear instructions on how to make payments, and the funds are deposited directly into your account.

  • Collect the funds for that school field trip
  • Make sure the team has new uniforms this year
  • Collect funds for a special gift and so much more!

Is this secure, will they see my account information?

  • One of the major benefits of Popmoney is that you do not need to exchange sensitive account information or send a check containing routing and account numbers. The secure Popmoney system allows you send and receive funds electronically utilizing only an email address or cell phone number.

Do I need to verify my phone number or email address?

  • Yes, the first time that you receive a Popmoney you will receive a verification code to authenticate your email or phone number. Subsequent payments to the email address or phone number can be set to automatically deposit into your account!

What are the limits?

  • When you access the Popmoney system to send, receive or request funds you will see the appropriate limits placed on various actions to protect you from number of transactions to maximum amount. The minimum amount that can be sent is $5.00.

What happens if the recipient does not claim the Popmoney or I want to cancel it?

  • You can cancel a Popmoney up until the send date; the recipient will receive a notice of the cancellation. If a Popmoney is not claimed by the recipient within 10 days, the transfer will automatically cancel and all funds and fees will be returned to your account.