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Virginia Tax Refund Debit Card

Beginning in 2013, if you do not use direct deposit, your Virginia income tax refund will be issued on a prepaid debit card instead of a paper check. The 2012-14 Appropriations Act (Virginia's budget for 2012-14) requires that income tax refunds be issued by direct deposit or on a prepaid debit card beginning with tax year 2012 returns, as a cost-savings initiative. If you do not select direct deposit when you file your return, you will receive a debit card. An example of the debit card is shown to the left.

If you would prefer that your tax refund is deposited into your EVB account directly, enter the following information on your Virginia tax return:

  • Select the direct deposit refund option
  • Input the EVB Routing Number, 051404383
  • Input your EVB Account Number
  • Your funds will be deposited directly to your EVB account

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