For your convenience, we have several forms you can download, by clicking on the appropriate link below.

To sign up for Business Online Banking, simply click on the form below, fill out the information and click on the submit button.

Business Online Banking Registration*

Use this form to submit a request for changes to your existing Business Online Banking service.

Business Online Banking Change Request*

To arrange for electronic transfers, please click on the secure form below.

Electronic Transfer Secure Form*

To get started with your personal loan application process, fill out the application and a financial statement. Once you've filled out these two forms please print and bring them to your nearest EVB branch.

Personal Loan Application

Personal Financial Statement

To change your address, complete the form below. Once you've filled out this form please print and it bring it to your nearest EVB branch.

Change of Address Form

*Please note this will take you to a secure form where you can complete and submit your application online.